Got to give Deadspin credit where credit is due.  They posted this video yesterday and it’s an instant and I mean instant classic.     Lots of people probably missed it since half of Deadspin’s traffic has disappeared since they went to their “newly designed unreadable format”, but this was pure gold.  Like from the second that dude starting whipping his hand around I was fucking memorized.   I mean you know a video is great when 5 minutes seems to pass by in the blink of an eye and leaves you breathless for more.   Just an absolute train wreck from the word go.   It’s almost like these guys were pulled straight from central casting too.  You just couldn’t find a more perfectly awkward looking threesome to pull this off.     Loved the music kicking in at the 1:47 mark for no reason.  That’s when I officially was like buckle the fuck up.

“A nice smooth jumper but does not connect…”