Tattoo #1

yo el pres wassup. So muh home boy is a complete faggot.  Hes lived in boston his whole life die hard sox and pats fan, but for some reason when the celts got garnett he despised them.  Naturally, he just turned to the next best player’s team, Lebron.  So what does this kid do 2 weeks into college, gets tatted up saying he will fully blow lebron. Oh and he’s from swampscott. Shred him up.




Tattoo #2

I was out at the pool at Mandalay Bay in Vegas last weekend and this clown steps in front of me at the bar.   



 Listen I’ve seen some shitty tattoos in my day but these two are as bad as it gets.    I mean it’s one thing to get a Boston tattoo like this because we’re awesome and have dominated the shit out of this century but it’s a totally different thing to get a Broncos or Lebron tat.    But as bad as both of these are the answer for me has to be the Lebron tattoo by a mile.   I mean at least the other guy can say he loves the Broncos.   But when you get another man’s tattoo all the way down the center of your back you’re either gay or certifiably insane.    

PS -  I absolutely refuse to believe the Lebron kid is from Swampscott.   No place that churned out somebody as cool as me could have ever spawned somebody like this.   It’s flat out impossible.   You’d get your ass whomped walking into Captains with shit like that.

Anyway time to vote for the uglier/more embarrassing tattoo.  Vote 1 for Lebron and 10 for the Broncos


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