(Hmm, which ones are they?)



I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about this but I couldn’t piece it together until today. First I was told Troy Polamalu got arrested in Nantucket this weekend and then it switched to Rey Maualuga. Obviously the first emailer didn’t know shit about football, but finally I got the right info. It was Everson Griffen that got arrested who is Todd McShay’s 3rd highest rated defensive end in the country.  Not only that but supposedly he got arrested at Tom First’s house as in Tom from Nantucket Nectors after partying at Nobadeer beach all day. Anyway let this be a lesson to all big time football players. Don’t expect to come into Stoolville and get arrested and fly under the radar. Although truth be told, I don’t really care about this part of the story. I just want to see which chick he banged before it happened. I bet she’s smoking hot. Oh and Jordan Campbell from USC got arrested as well, but I guess he’s a scrub.   Although to his credit it looks like he gave the Nantucket police a fake name as they have him listed as Jordan Moore.

Kudos to our tipster..