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Hey Pres,

I know this is not normally up your alley, but I was hoping for your help in the domination of the internet to shed light on a cause for my good friend Zachary Parker. As we’ve seen with the bus lady, its not the cause but the coverage of it. My buddies and I are in the Army and want to try and raise some money to buy an all-terrain wheelchair for our good friend and former medic, Zachary Parker. Parker was struck by a dismounted IED while on patrol this past June in Afghanistan, which left him a triple amputee. Parker was our medic while deployed to the Zhari district of Kandahar, Afghanistan from July 2011 until he was injured three weeks before our last mission. Parker is a great guy and just celebrated his 22nd birthday this past week after fighting back from dying multiple times on his recovery. While on a dismounted route clearance mission that intel had put the number of dismounted IEDs at 20 within a 200 meter stretch of road that needed to be cleared for the infantry to enter and seize the village and construct an outpost, Parker was right there in the mix so that he could be close in case anyone got hit or shot from the barrage of small-arms fire we had been receiving. While moving line charges and the robot out of the way to blow a discovered IED on the path, Parker stepped on another dismounted IED. Parker lost his left leg above the knee, his right leg at the hip, sustained injuries to his left arm that would result in its full amputation, and had his chest ripped open. Parker died multiple times before he was able to be stabilized and even died once he made it back to the U.S.

Parker continues to fight to regain his health and strength but unlike one of our squad leaders who also lost both his legs, Parker will not be able to receive prosthetic legs. He is from the south and loves being outdoors and it would be awesome for him to be able to crank around on an off-road wheelchair. If you could just give some sort of shout-out to the cause and/or the foundation set up to help him and his family as they try to remain near him during his battle.

The foundation called Prayers for Zack was created on Facebook but unlike causes like bus lady, this one has not been able to draw the same level of attention. Any sort of acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated.


a longtime Maine Stoolie



Done and done. I feel like for all the shit that Stoolies get for being assholes this is what people don’t get about us. We understand what matters. Soldiers risking their lives protecting this country matters. Helped wounded warriors matters. Getting this guy his chair matters. So I expect nothing less than a huge outpouring of support for Zachary Parker. Because while the PC police, school administrators and feminists may hate us people who understand what really matters in life love us.  While all those haters are flapping their gums talking about how terrible we are, we’re busy getting shit done. Let’s rally the troops (no pun intended, but intended) and get this guy his freaking chair and a boatload of cash for whatever obstacles he’s sure to face trying to protect this country.  Thank you Zachary Parker for your service and sacrifice as well as all troops who protect this country and let us do what we do everyday.