Stoolies in Kabul.   America Fuck Yeah

Pats fan With Fuck Me Boots at Lambeau

Starfish Tittie Swag FTW  (I’m dying to see this girl’s face and possibly smash genitals)



Umm Yes Sweet Tits and Sweet Ass you can have tickets to Boston Foam Wednesday and if you twist my arm I’ll put my dick inside all 3 of You

Hoff just fingerblasting a broad

Michigan Crushing Bama

4 Smokes And A Dude

Umass Dartmouth Softball at Spring Training…Kind of weird timing

Two Bros And Two Potato Sacks In China.   Don’t tell Romney Where You Are…He’ll Freak

Coast Guard Bros

Bros, Boos and Gronk Flakes

A black guy and a white guy

Arlington High Bros

She likes Cock

Little League World Series…When Is the Last Time I did A Gallery?

Afghanistan Stoolie Protecting the world

Green  ass.  Yes please

About to Be A Scene from the Accused?

Viva La Stool Wedding

Somerville Alibrandis Yawkey League Champs

Syracuse Today Show

Hawaii Stooliettes

Umass Lowell Move In Day

Prom or wedding?