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Hey Guys

Just wanted to let you know we reached our goal for both guys to get chairs.  We raised close to 25K.  They’ll be getting the chairs the first week of January and I’ll get you some pictures of  them with those too just for people to be able to see.   These guys will love those fuckin things.  Thanks again and I will continue to preach Barstool and the pussifications you bring to light because somehow normal people don’t realize this is actually happening.  Coaches fired for making kids run for being late? Makes me sick. Keep fighting the good fight.

Thanks again



I just wanted to pass this along especially for everybody who donated to help get these two guys the chairs.   Stoolies done good.   I also got slammed with people pitching me different causes to try and raise money for.  All of them worthy.  Before I committed to anything else I asked the guy who originally sent me this if he wanted me to keep trying to raise money for Zach as I’m sure they can always use the extra cash to help in a variety of ways.   To their credit they said to pick new causes and help as many people as we can.   Right now I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it.  Obviously people read the Stool to laugh and not take shit serious, but at the same if we can help with shit like this we need to help. It’s honestly the least we can do.  Without guys like Zach the Stool doesn’t exist. So I guess it’s finding the right balance which I’m trying to figure out now.  Either way thanks again to everybody who donated.   Haters gonna hate…Stoolies gonna Slate.