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My buddy moved down to east assbag Texas like three years ago to pursue his journalism/reporter dreams. Well his most recent story is nothing short of awesomeness, just exceptional journalism that makes one really want a “Fat Ho Burger”. My friends and I were wondering, does being the reporter on a story about Fat Ho Burgers get him laid in Waco Texas?

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First of all this message is for your buddy who did this report. You want to know why he’s stuck in the sticks? It’s because of lines like this; “The fryers were popping” No! no! no!   How do you not go with “The fryers were fryalating!” there?    Come on bro. Step it up.

Anyway that bitch Shelly Littleton has some nerve huh? Honey you don’t even live in Waco anymore. You packed your shit and moved to California. So who are you to start a facebook group called “Keep Waco positive”?  Plus that ship has sailed. Like you say Waco and everybody in the country instantly thinks crazy cult motherfuckers. So if anything this is helping the cause because now when I hear Waco I think of this Ho and her fancy new high end restaurant.

PS – Were those the most disgusting looking burgers of all time or what? Those did not look like tight ho burgers at all. And yes if you don’t think I’m going to start saying “that ho looks tight” to describe a hot chick from now on you’re fucking crazy.