That Gronk mis-spike had to be the worst thing that has happened to Gronk since he turned pro right?  I mean look at him.  Look at the way he was looking at his hand after it was over.   Totally and completely befuddled.  I honestly don’t think he understands what happened.   Like his brain can’t compute it.   “Gronk catch Touchdown.  Gronk spike ball.   Ball Fall out of Gronk Hand.   SYSTEM FAIL!  SYSTEM FAIL!  SYSTEM FAIL!”   All I know is I wouldn’t want to be the next football that Gronk catches for a TD.   That shit is going to get spiked to the moon.  I’m talking people better be running for shelter the second he catches it.   No football shows up Gronk like this and gets away with it.

Gronk Spike Rating – 0

PS – Still the sexiest motherfucker on the field