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Okay so we’re not selling those Barstool American Flags that we posted the other day. Now granted 85% of people including veterans who weighed in on this said I should sell em and that the people who were freaking out were the extreme minority and I should just ignore them. Hell the guy who is holding the flag in our facebook profile picture emailed me and said he’d buy 10 of em. But if even a small portion of veterans take offense to it, it’s not worth it. Now having said that we still need a fucking flag. Something that everybody can wave at tailgates and put in college dorms and shit. After all being a Stoolie means something. It’s a lifestyle brand. We have the best readers in the world. We need a flag that represents that. So it’s time for Stoolies to do what they do best. Send me all your horrific flag designs. We’ll put them up to vote and pick a winner.  Winner gets $300 bucks and a flag.  Yeah I know we have the above one, but that’s more for Boston people with the Bruins colors.  We need one for everybody.  Oh and all proceeds from flag sales will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Boom done. Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again?


Send all flag designs to tips@barstoolsports.com