Inquisitr – The latest fashion trend sweeping the nation of Japan sees schoolgirls wearing panties on their heads. MSN reports that young Japanese women have taken to putting panties on their heads, obscuring their faces. While this is fetish-food at its finest, it strikes the rest of us as rather odd. Then again, this is the same nation that gave us “bagel heads,” so in a strange way, becoming a panty-head sort of makes sense, I guess.  Photos are popping up of Japanese schoolgirls donning panty masks while doing mundane activities like laundry and performing karaoke. But what started this trend? The popular theory shared by Kotaku and BuzzFeed is that an odd and eccentric Japanese superhero “Hentai Kamen” has inspired the trend. Billed as “the abnormal superhero” under salutations such as “panty bless you,” Hentai Kamen is a strange “homo-erotic parody of a Power Ranger” who wears panties on his head to conceal his identity and … nothing else. He’s got a film coming soon, but no one is really sure which came first: Hentai Kamen, or “kaopan” (face panties).


This doesn’t surprise me one bit. We’re talking about Japan here. Another day, another fucked up thing from that tiny island of fetishes. But I’ll tell you what I am kinda baffled about. All those chicks are wearing granny panties on their head. Fucking gross. Couldn’t be making my dick softer with their underwear choice if they tried. I mean you’d think that a sexy thong or some lace would be the smart play there, what with it being so blatantly visible to everyone as it sits atop your squash. Put in a little effort ladies. If you want your unmentionables to be a hat then at least make them hot. Those big white cotton things are erection assassins.