Newton – Dan Urbano told his two children that if they could get 1,000 Facebook Likes on their plea for a cat – he would give in and get a four-legged fury friend for the family in Newton, Massachusetts. But he had no idea their adorable post would go viral, amassing nearly 120,000 likes and over 100,000 shares from across the globe on the social networking website.

There’s something kinda creepy about this, no? Like did Dan Urbano really need to send his kid’s picture all over the internet? Did he need every last cat lady/pedophile liking a picture of his toddler daughter? Couldn’t he just have bought them the stupid cat without being an attention whore about the whole thing? I mean what’s the point of this? It’s not like your kids actually did anything. They just stood there and held a sign that you CLEARLY wrote for them. Wow dude, they deserve that cat now huh? Just really weird. But when you watch this video and hear that they named the cat Harriet Potter and see that the dad has gauge earrings then I guess it kinda makes sense.



PS – The fact that this is considered news these days is pretty depressing.