I was reading the Greg Oden interview on Grantland last night and, regarding his dick pic, Oden said something to the affect of “I was just reciprocating. A girl sends me 100s of pics and I’m gonna send something back. I’m not an asshole.” Kinda got me thinking, what is expected from a dude when sexting with a chick? Like if a chick is just blowing up your phone with pictures of her ass and tits and twat, are you expected to reciprocate? Do you send a picture of yourself with your shirt off, completely nude, just a picture of your dick? I’m not sure. Girls have 3 separate, sexual areas. They can keep it fresh. All dudes are good for is the dick. So I think you gotta just go and respond with comments like “nice,” “looking good,” “cool.” Small, complimentary shit. Never blowing it out of proportion and letting her get a big head. You gotta leave an idea of doubt in her mind so she thinks you’re still unimpressed and keeps trying to one-up herself.

But if you’re gonna go the Oden route and respond with a dick pic I’m pretty sure the only way to go is send a shot of yourself rocking a mean semi. Gut reaction would be to get as hard as possible, make sure there’s nothing in the shot that could be used to gauge size, and snap off a pic of that. But if you do that, that’s all. It’s the whole kit and kaboodle. There are no previews, it’s just straight to the feature presentation. While if you get chubbed up and send one then at least she’s thinking “oh, that’s what it looks like soft. Maybe he’s a grower too? I need to get my hands on it and find out.” You open up the door to more discussions. If you send one boner pic then she’s probably gonna be pretty underwhelmed and then the dream is dead. You left nothing up to the imagination. You gotta just work it up and pretend that’s what it looks like flaccid. Whatever you do, don’t go the Favre route. Don’t leave a limp dick in your hand that has her wondering if that’s your cock or your thumb.

Vote 1 for “all you gotta do is make her feel pretty when she sends em,” 10 for the chick wants to see the cock

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