Barstool NYCAnd by little friends she obviously means tremendous BOMBS. Do you know what blows my mind? That Ashley Ann Vickers, the hottest chick on the planet Earth, is just kicking it in her apartment rocking Stool gear and tweeting me about it. There’s absolutely NO reason why a chick that gorgeous should even take a millisecond out of her day to think about anything to do with me. At this point she should basically be the most famous girl in the world and instead she’s just perusing Barstool, Guessing Asses and playing Smokesmash and tweeting me amazingly hot pictures of herself. I guess that’s what happens when you discover outrageously beautiful girls and put them on to the whole blogosphere.

You guys think there’s a chance she might wanna marry me?

Vote 1 for KFC is too good looking for Ashley Ann Vickers they would never work out Vote 10 for KFC and AAV are going to get married and live a long life together as the best looking couple alive.

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Check out some of her photos from her calendar she put together. I’ve never once bought a calandar but I can promise you with pictures like this I’ll always know what day of the week it is.

I’m so fucking confused right now?  Who is this chick again?  Why is she twittering about Barstool New York and not me?   Where did she get that shirt that I didn’t even know existed?    Does she know I own Barstool, invented Smokesmash, like blowjobs, and that the First Lady is going to be in Germany this weekend?   Seriously what the fuck?    I think this just about sums up how I feel right now….