For all you aspiring young quarterbacks out there, this is how a 1st Rounder is supposed to act.  Especially when you were taken No. 1 overall and you’re coming in as the savior of a franchise.  Leave it to the guys who didn’t start in college and were taken with the 199th pick to do all that film room studying, weight lifting and footwork improvement.  And leave the homoerotic modeling sessions to some other 1st Round QB.  When you’ve just signed a $72 million deal with $41 million in upfront guarantees, you surround yourself Golddiggers and enjoy your summer.  Besides, the mortality rate of Detroit Lion quarterbacks is pretty close to 100%, so Stafford ought to get as much living in as would any guy who’s about to be thrown into harm’s way.  Those beach sluts aren’t going to be so interested next year when Stafford is rolling around in an electric scooter. (Someone sent these pictures to Deadspin instead of us.)