So I’m in the market for a steak tonight.       Just me and the First lady.  Now the last couple times we’ve gone out for steak we’ve gone to KO Prime.  I got nothing bad to say about the joint.  Great steak and mash potatoes that will literally make you cum on the spot.    But we wanted to maybe get crazy tonight and switch it up.     So I’m curious what the Stoolies think the best steak house in Boston is.  And I guess I should qualify that I’m looking for a date type place.  Or at least a place we can talk.  Like last time I went to the capital grille it was so fucking loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.  Every asshole in the place was in a full suit talking business.    By the end of the night I was screaming at the First Lady about our stock market portfolio and we don’t even have one.    I’ve never been to Smith and Lewinski’s in Boston but heard it sucks.   Oak Room is awesome but too stuffy.   I’m a fan of Ruth Chris and that is in the mix.    We’ve heard about this place called Moo or some shit like that.    So basically if anybody has any info lay it on me.   Daddy needs to eat.