(Imagine the Josh Beckett video here. People wonder why tickets to baseball games cost so much? It’s not player salaries. It’s because MLB has a 10,000 person staff dedicated to just taking down youtube videos. Way to go Bud.  Way to go)

Why does big news break every time I’m out doing my paper route? I fucking swear to god every other Tuesday night is always the biggest news night in America. It’s unreal. Seriously I leave my computer for one second and not one but two Boston Icons get suspended? It’s Barbaric! Now we obviously know that both the Ray Allen and Josh Beckett suspensions were totally uncalled for, unwarranted and Unconstitutional. But it just comes with the territory of being Title Town USA. The rest of the country hates us because they want to be us. And since they can’t beat us on the field, court or rink they take any opportunity to try and stop us outside the white lines. Hence Spygate, and now these ridiculous suspensions. My only question is what is the bigger joke? The Ray Allen elbow to the vagina or the Beckett Fastball to the back screen. Unfortunately I think they both equally suck. This time we both lose Johnny

Vote 1 for Ray Allen was the bigger miscarriage of justice and 10 for Beckett’s civil liberties were trampled on worse



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