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Huff - Lululemon chairman and co-founder Chip Wilson is stepping down, The Globe and Mail reported Monday night. According to a Lululemon Athletica press release, Wilson announced his resignation from the position of non-executive chairman. Michael Casey, lead director of the board, will replace Wilson. The company also announced that Laurent Potdevin, current president of TOMS Shoes, will become Lululemon’s chief executive officer, succeeding CEO Christine Day. According to The Wall Street Journal, Lululemon claims the search for a new CEO was “unrelated” to Wilson’s resignation. The athletic apparel company has faced increased scrutiny over the past few months. In July, insiders told The Huffington Post that discriminating against plus-sized customers was part of the company’s strategy. In November, Wilson came under fire for suggesting that some women’s bodies were not made for his brand’s yoga pants, saying, “Frankly some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for [the pants].” The company’s stock tumbled as an analyst at Sterne Agee wrote to clients, “We believe that the core Lululemon customer has been alienated.”


And there it is. The final act in the Chip Wilson/offended whiny bitches/Lululemon saga. Dude resigns from his own company because the world got mad when he said yoga pants don’t look good on fat chicks. If you think this is just a stupid story about stretchy pants, you’re wrong. This is a microcosm of everything wrong with society today. People need to be outraged by shit all the time. The PC police have to constantly be publicly lynching someone. In this case it was a guy who cited undeniable science that fat broads look shitty in yoga pants. Tomorrow it’ll be someone else who speaks honestly and another group of offended losers will call for their head.

It upsets me to say it, but you win this round, fats. You’ve officially beaten the guy who said your asses aren’t made for spandex. Now the problem is gone, right? Now that mean man won’t be around to say anymore bad things about your body, so I’m sure having a huge gunt, tree trunk thighs and bean bag chairs for ass cheeks will be a breeze from here on out.