So yesterday I somehow stumbled across this chick doing highlights on Comcast Sports Net. Umm who the fuck is this? Carolyn Manno? Never heard of her. Her twitter page says the following;

I drop knowledge bombs on Boston sports fans. I also like taking naps, boarding, golfing, live music, and brand new sneakers.

Umm no you don’t.  Listen honey you don’t have to try so hard to be a low maintenance and love everything guys like when you look like you do. So do me a favor and take it down a level with the whole “loving boarding, naps and golfing” bullshit. Everybody knows you like Louis Vuitton and nagging, but I ain’t mad at ya. As long as your good looking that’s fine with me.    Anyway what’s her deal? I can’t tell if she’s legit hot or not?  Like obviously she’s not ugly, but is she smokeshow worthy?   She can’t be right or else I would have heard of her by now.  Unless just nobody watches Comcast or I’m just out of the loop?   Hmm, I’m confused as fuck.  Maybe I’ll just facebook her for a smokeshow and see what happens.   

Vote 1 for the Stool needs to start keeping tabs on this chick  ASAP and 10 for she’s almost hot


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