So Sales Guy was doing nothing today per usual and came up into my office and asked me who I thought the bigger joke franchise was. The Red Sox or the Jets. It’s actually a really good question. I mean there can be no debate both teams are the biggest disgraces in their respective sports right now. Their on the field failures only overshadowed by their off the field antics. Mickey Mouse organizations from top to bottom. Non stop bickering, backstabbing, leaking shit, excuses, etc. The Jets eat cheeseburgers during scrimmages. The Red Sox drink and eat fried chicken during games. The Jets have their mascot Fireman Ed quit midseason. The Red Sox have guys with bags on their head sitting behind homeplate. The Jets sign Tebow to sell tickets. The Red Sox keep bringing back Kevin Millar to sell tickets. Rex Ryan makes foot fetish videos. Bobby V invented the Wrap Sandwich. Woody Johnson cares more about the election than football. Dr. Creepy cares more about soccer than baseball. Jets players say Tebow stinks. Red Sox players spit sunflower seeds in coaches faces. Jets have Buttfumble. Red Sox have Josh Beckett going on the disabled list so he can golf more. And on and on it goes for both sides.

My initial gut reaction was to say the Red Sox were the bigger farce simply because there is no salary cap in baseball. Like the fact the Red Sox were so bad while spending so much money is almost surreal. Also there is a part of me that thinks the Jets believe this season was a raging success because they were in the headlines so much. But that’s also why the Jets will always be a joke. At least the Red Sox cleaned house and have acknowledged something is wrong. I’m not sure the Jets will ever get to that point. The more chaos and embarrassment the happier they seem to be. So I guess I have to give the slight nod to the Jets.  Because say whatever you want about Dr. Creepy and the One Eyed Bandit I don’t think they enjoy being the punch line of every joke where the Jets do.


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