First things first. This bro from Hofstra is my favorite bro on the planet.     “It was one of the best times I’ve had at college so far.” Just shoving it right in that fat bitches face and that smug reporter’s grillmix.    Hell that may be our new tagline.   Barstool Blackout Tour – “It was one of the best times I’ve had at college so far”

Anyway this is just another classic example of out of touch ugly people, smug reporters, and idiot cops talking about something that they have no idea what they are talking about. For the 9 millionth time our Blackout shows don’t encourage kids to get blackout drunk.    It’s called a blackout party  because it’s a blacklight party.    We say it time and time again.   Everybody who comes to our event knows that.    There isn’t even that much drinking at our events.  Everybody is just dancing for 3 hours straight.  That’s the opposite of blacking out.  If anything a kid who was drunk walking into our show would sober up.  If a person wants to truly blackout they’ll stay in their dorm room or go drink in the woods.  It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and easier that way.  You don’t pay 25 bucks to go to an electric dance music party to blackout.    If they want to say kids are rolling at our parties that may be a different fight, but they sure as fuck aren’t blacking out.

More importantly all this controversy and everybody blaming us is just another example of the pussification of America.  Let’s for the sake of argument say that 9 kids really did blackout and needed to be taken to the hospital which I believe is a flat out lie.  (Yes I called the Hospital and they had no clue what I was talking about)  Regardless if it did happen whose fault is that?  The kids who drank like assholes pre partying or the people who threw the concert?  Seriously all these PC morons need to stop blaming other people.  There were ZERO incidents inside the venue.    I don’t think we’ve had one incident yet at a concert.  Everything happens outside or beforehand.    If a kid blacks out before our concert or in his dorm he has nobody to blame but himself period.    We don’t encourage it, facilitate it, or have anything to do with it.     Stop pointing the finger at other people and start teaching kids to take responsibility for their actions.    We just throw awesome concerts that 99.9% of the people who attend have one of the best nights of their lives.   This theory that because a couple kids get sloppy drunk before our parties you need to shut us down is beyond preposterous.   Again you might as well ban St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Sporting Events, concerts etc.   Same exact thing. Newsflash. Kids who get blackout drunk will get blackout drunk with our without us.   GASP!

PS – All this controversy regarding this event has way more to do with the Paramount  Theater than it does with us. Huntington NY hates the Paramount.  They complain after every concert they do and want the place shut down.    That’s the bigger issue.  If these reporters did an ounce of research they would have figured that out. That’s what these stories should be focusing on.    Huntington NY sounds like a sleepy town that somebody put a college music venue in and the town freaks out everytime they throw a concert and the police act like the gestapo.    You could have replaced Barstool with a thousand other names and the story would have been the same.    In hindsight we should have never done a concert there because this was obviously going to happen.  Not because of who we are or what we did, but rather because the town hates college kids and the Paramount.    Granted we didn’t know this and assumed the Paramount knew what they were doing when they reached out to us and booked us but I guess not. Basically they brought a major college concert tour to a town and a venue that can’t handle it.  They were totally unprepared for the line, the crowd outside and that’s why there were so many problems.   Minor league venue with a major league show.

Just a taste of what the local community thinks of the Paramount theater

“Not even a year in business, the Paramount in Huntington Village continues to plague our once quaint community with crime, danger and downright disaster after more weekend venues end in chaos.  The general opinion of Huntington Village merchants is that the Paramount is a detriment to everything Huntington Village is. “I live in Dix Hills and now my friends and I avoid coming up to the Village because of the Paramount.

“Shut it down, it’s enough already. There is no way we can walk into the spring and summer months with this level of insanity happening downtown Huntington. It’s a terrible mistake, and whichever elected official at the town decided to bring them in should be ripped out by their hair, tarred and feathered, and run out on a rail, just like in the old days.”

When it comes to booking shows down at The Paramount, acts like Barstool Blackout will only appeal to, and attract that kind of crowd.  After the New Years Nightmare, one would think that security issues are realized and addressed. But wait there’s more! The St. Patty’s parade is this Sunday, and if people aren’t sloshed enough, the Paramount has DropKick Murphy’s scheduled. Recipe for disaster maybe? Yup.”