LiveleakThis was on the Red Line in Boston while I was on the way home from work. This drunk chick spent 5 minutes yell at this guy who brushed up against her dog when going to sit down. As soon as she threatened to hit him, I knew I needed to start filming.

Give this lady credit. She said she was going to punch this guy before she left. She said he didn’t know who he was fucking with.  She even counted down right in his grillmix.  And then boom she just started raining punches down on his head from the heavens.  Now ordinarily I’d have a fellow dog owners back, but in this case I just can’t.   Because you got assume she had a small dog.    So what are you doing putting the dog on the ground?   How the fuck are people supposed to see him?   Carry him like a normal human and none of this happens.   Either way this bro has to learn how to cover up.   I mean it took a solid 5 seconds of clean face shots before he actually protected himself.   Wake up guy.  You’re getting assaulted.

PS – When this video goes viral I wonder if anybody will give Barstool credit? Probably not even though the guy filming it literally says this is going on Barstool.