DMAddicted to Mad Men? Got a hankering for a dapper gent? Well you aren’t alone. A new survey has revealed that modern women regard the men of the 1950s as the most desirable of all time – and would love their 21st century counterparts to make more of an effort with their manners and appearance. Unlike modern males, men in the 1950′s regularly held doors open for women, and had a wardrobe full of well-pressed two piece suits. Old-fashioned manners proved overwhelmingly popular among women, with 82 per cent saying they preferred old style chivalry such as holding doors or buying flowers to their modern equivalent – buying a drink.

Chicks are hilarious. “We wish men were more like they were in the 1950′s!” What’s that? Misogynistic, sexist, alcoholics with a smoker’s cough and a hearty pinch of racism? Yeah, toots, I’d love that too. Would love to be able to get drunk on a Wednesday at noon and walk down Main St. slapping girls’ asses and giving them purple nurples just because I can. But guess what? The rest of your sex ruined it for you. They picketed for suffrage and equality in the workplace. They wanted to be free to “express themselves” and be sluts. So blame them. It’s their fault I don’t open car doors or pull out chairs or, the most ludicrous of the bunch, lay my jacket down in a fucking puddle for you. Do all that shit for yourselves. You wanted equality? You got it.

Except pay. Let’s not get out of control.