AOLTexas fisherman landed an 8-foot shark or it landed him. Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Kresse of Freeport says he and two crew members were dumping fish guts in the Gulf of Mexico about 3:45 a.m. Monday when they heard splashes in the distance and then something hit the side of their 25-foot boat.  A shark in an apparent rush to feed had jumped into the back and was thrashing around. Kresse says the crew couldn’t get close to the 375-pound fish to toss it back in the water.



Dailymail – A woman tourist was pinned to the deck of a sightseeing boat by a 300lbs stingray after it came hurtling out of the sea as she cruised off the Florida Keys. Jenny Hausch, 40, was knocked down by the spotted eagle ray, which torpedoed out of the water and slammed into the middle of her chest just after she took a photo of it. She was trapped and gasping for air under its 8ft wide body for three to four minutes as her three young children screamed from the back of the boat. Her head slammed on the deck as she fell and the ray’s deadly barb landed beside her – but miraculously, she was completely unscathed. Boat captain Kelly Klein told MailOnline: ‘She was all slimy, but she hasn’t got a mark on her, zero pain. She was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t believe it – I heard her head hit the deck.’ She said: ‘It knocked her over and then it was stomping on her, slamming around trying to get out again.

Everybody knows I’m a shark guy.  I think they are the biggest baddest mofo’s on the planet.  Like I was watching National Geographic the other day and they had a show on about how a Killer Whale beat the shit out of a Great White.  Yeah right buddy.   I don’t watch Nat Geo anymore because it’s fairytale land.  Nobody beats up a great white.    Seriously Jaws II ring a bell?   But having said that in this situation I think I’d rather deal with the shark. At least I know what the fuck is going on. Okay I got a shark in my boat.  He’s probably going to eat me.   I’m going to die a warrior’s death.  I can live with that.  But a giant stingray comes at me?   You don’t know what the fuck’s going on. Like who the fuck is this dude?   What is this fucking thing?    Just sheer panic of the unknown.   Is he going to wrap me up and take me underwater and hold me hostage?   Are we fighting?  Is he trying to get out?   Is he poisonous?  Does he have a mouth? Why is he so slimy?  Why is he sitting on me like this?  Get off me bro.  I’d just rather deal with what I know so I’d take my chances with the shark.

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