The WWE has issued an full apology after an on-air personality joked that one of the wrestlers was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado … he’s unstoppable.”
It all went down during a live broadcast of “Monday Night Raw” … when a manager named Abraham Washington — who was wearing a live mic — was ringside for a match involving a wrestler named Titus O’Neil … and during the action, A.W. let the Kobe crack fly.

Fucking hilarious.  The only injustice is that the WWE had to apologize for this.  The WWE can’t be held responsible for what managers say.   That’s part of their gig.   Mr. Fuji throws powder in your eyes.  Paul Bearer carries an urn.    Jimmy Hart hits you with a megaphone.  Brother Love is bright pink.  Bobby the brain Heenan is a weasel.  Abraham Washington cracks rape jokes.   That’s the whole point of managers in the WWE.   Pussies like Dane Cook and Tosh.O apologize for insensitive jokes.  Guys like me and Vince McMahon revel in them.  That’s what makes us different.  Or at least that’s how it should be.