(DallasVoice) The photo was snapped by Seattle photographer Meryl Schenker and shows Larry Duncan, 56, and Randy Shepherd, 48, as they apply for a license in the King County Administration Building at about 1:30 a.m. Originally from Dallas, Texas, they told Schenker they moved to Washington 7 years ago because it was more gay friendly.

Did the judge ask them if they were sure they wanted to do this? Because these are the least gay people on planet earth. They know what socket wrenches are and can point out the carburetor on an engine. They ride motorcycles and wear camo. They have beards like ZZ Top and say things like dag gummit. They wear shirts with their name on the chest and always take their lunch with a side of dirt and grease. These aren’t men, these are MEN. The kind of guys you put on billboards for ads talking about “real Americans.” If these guys are gay then what does that say about the rest of us?