youtube – It might look like something the doctor ordered for a neck injury. But this odd contraption could provide a solution for commuters faced with the embarrassing problem of falling asleep on fellow passengers. According to manufacturers, The UpRight Sleeper, allows the user a ‘peaceful slumber while sitting up straight in a car, train or plane’. It is the latest in a line of so called ‘snooze accessories’. It moves around to accommodate different head shapes and sizes, and a back strap is fitted between the wearer’s back and seat to keep everything in place.

Every time I take a lengthy bus, train, or plane ride, without fail I’m annihilated drunk and usually pass out shortly into the trip. And I always wake up with my neck all twisted and sore and the person next to me giving me death looks like I definitely did a lot of annoying shit to them. Well all of these traveling problems and more would be solved by the UpRight Sleeper. Sure it looks a little stupid, sure people will think you’re a psycho, sure someone will take a picture of you and upload it to social media and you’ll get made fun of by strangers. But it’s a small price to pay for comfort. Give me a pair of fake open-eye glasses like Homer Simpson wears in jury duty and I may never be conscious again.