I just want to say that I’m not even remotely excited for this game. Or I should say I’m not more or less excited for tonight than I am for any regular season football game.  There is only one big game per year for us and it takes place in New Orleans on February 3rd.  Everything else is a scrimmage till then.  The Texans have no chance to beat us tonight and they have no chance to beat us in the playoffs. There is only one team that can beat the Pats and that’s the Giants. Like the fact people are even calling this a big game is a joke. We outclass, outman, outgun the Texans in every facet of the game.  It’s an absolute sign of disrespect to call this a big game.  Maybe for an expansion franchise it is, but not for the best franchise in the history of football. Pats by 30 tonight. Book it.

Mortal Lock – Pats -5.5