The DailyOnce completed, Case Western Reserve University’s planned $8 million Wyant Field House will carry a familiar football name. This week, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made an undisclosed donation that will result in the “Steve Belichick Varsity Weight Room,” in honor of the Super Bowl-winning coach’s late father. Steve Belichick was a standout football and basketball player for the former Western Reserve University, playing fullback on the 1940 Western Reserve team that beat Arizona State in the Sun Bowl on New Year’s Day in 1941. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1941, the elder Belichick played for the NFL’s Detroit Lions before serving in World War II. He returned to Western Reserve for a master’s degree in physical education, then embarked on college coaching career that spanned five decades, including 33 years as an assistant at Navy.

As probably the only writer in the Barstool pantheon to receive TWO copies of Steve Belichick’s epic, edge-of-your-seat page turner “Football Scouting Methods” last Christmas, I have to say this honor is well deserved.  And leave it to his pride & joy to step up, open his wallet and make it happen.  Is there nothing Bill doesn’t do better than the rest of us?  I’ve coached both my kids.  I’m the low-level defensive assistant for a 6th grade JV team who’s varsity won the Super Bowl.  Do you think for one second either of them is giving me tribute like this?  I’m lucky if I can get them to help me shovel the front walk.  But really, how often does a son do something this noble for his dad, no matter how rich and powerful he is?  Zeus killed his father, Kronos, who had for his part cut his own dad Uranus’ dick off with a sickle.  George W. Bush could’ve named an aircraft carrier after his dad but didn’t.  Luke Skywalker cut Darth Vader’s hand off and Ray Kinsella dragged his old man out of Heaven and made him have a catch just to work out his own stupid hippie issues.  But Bill Belichick proves he’s not only the best coach, evaluator of talent and seducer of hot cougars in the world, he’s the best son as well.  I give it three years tops before Case Western Reserve University is playing for the BCS title.  @JerryThornton1